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Don't be Fooled has plans never offered before!

There are few offerings about  how to build pool tables.  They typically include a measured drawing, a materials list, some photographs and notes.  But none of these present the subject in an authoritative, practical and realistic manner.  We strongly encourage you to check them  out for yourself.

Most folks simply cannot build a pool table from these offerings.  They do not deliver the how-to you need to confidently perform critical cutting and assembly operations.  Our pool table plan books focus on how everything goes together before you build.  No scrambling for information or help.  It's all in the book.  And if you need help, we are just an email away!

Our plans meet or exceed BCA and WPA specifications and standards and are included in your book with all the "where, what, why and how to" thus ensuring your heirloom plays as well or better as any top manufacturer's equipment.

Our motivation for writing these books has been driven by passion.  There was nothing out there that had authoritative information on building a professional quality pool table.  We would have paid dearly for a self-contained set of plans.  But they were not there.  Even the Library of Congress had nothing on pool table plans.   So we did it ourselves!  We compiled available information and used it as our point of departure.  Now we were on our own!

We decided to write these books shortly after beginning our table.  We made videos, pictures and hundreds of detailed sketches so we could fully document our methods and, oh yes, eliminate problems along the way.  Writing these books and spending 2000 hours drawing and detailing every step completely fills the billiard information void.  We answered every question we had!  It was a very big elephant!  We now understand why no one has ever attempted this book before.  Had complete plans been available to us, these books would not be available to you.

The results of our work are these richly illustrated books showing you how to make all the components AND how they go together.  No guess work.  Everything is demystified.  And if you have a question, we are here for you through Customer Support! 

If you are serious about building your own pool table,

we promise to provide the only complete, authoritative solution available.

In our 10th business year without any complaints, whatsoever!

We will answer every question you have to your satisfaction before you make a purchase decision, feel free to Email or call us at:

(615) 685-4336

Mon-Fri:  noon to 6 p.m. EST

Sat & Sun:  1 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST




Mary Southall & Brian Swift.

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