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Skills Needed

We were not woodworkers when we built our Mission pool table.  We were pool players!  Our skills were limited to using basic hand and power tools.  We figured we could risk losing some wood and still be way ahead.  But the real issue was our lack of knowledge of how to build it.  Hence the 2000 hours of research, development and testing.  Our plans remove your risk so you can concentrate on what you are doing -- not wondering if or how the parts will fit together.

If you are a woodworker, you already know much of the how-to.  You may already build beautiful furniture from your own plans.  But a pool table is not only a piece of furniture.  It requires engineered components and assembly techniques to ensure conformance to specifications and accepted playability requirements.   

Our plans are designed for non-woodworkers who are willing to do some woodworking.  We eliminate risk by asking you to practice those operations where precise fit or high material costs are involved.  Our templates even guide you through cutting your choice of pro, advanced or standard pocket openings!

So what skills do you really need?  Beyond use of basic hand and power tools you need to rip and crosscut on a table saw.  You will also use a router with our precision templates and instructions.  Then you will miter your rails for pocket openings on a table saw using our proprietary see-thru templates.  Furniture finishing is not difficult, but we don't leave that to chance either.  We give you a broad array of finishing choices including our little known fuming process you can use with white oak and other woods.

Wrapping your rails and covering your slate bed used to be difficult.  Not now!  Our plans illustrate every cut, fold, tuck, stretch and staple location.  Same for pocket installation and playfield layout.  Just follow the sequenced illustrations and text.

There is one more skill -- playing pool.  While we can't help much here, at least you will never blame your pool table.  May they always roll your way!

We will answer every question you have to your satisfaction before you make a purchase decision, feel free to Email us at or call us at:

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